As of 4/13/22:
***Clients are welcome to accompany their pets into the building for ALL types of appointments.***
We are continuing to limit the number of people in our lobby (see FAQ below for more info).
  • Upon arrival, please text or call 919.563.9663. We will notify you when your exam room is ready and your pet’s nurse will meet you in the lobby.
  • If you are picking up medications or prescriptions, please text or call (919.563.9663) upon arrival and we will deliver the items to you curbside. If you need to discuss the items with a nurse, please let us know and you are welcome to come inside once a nurse is available.
  • If you are not feeling well, please reschedule your appointment or let us know upon arrival and we will serve you curbside.
  • Drop-off and/or curbside appointments are still welcome and encouraged! If drop-off appointments work best for your schedule, we understand. Similarly, if you do not feel comfortable coming into the building, we will gladly serve you curbside.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged. It is not possible to social distance in most areas of our clinic. For your health and the health of our employees, some of whom are immunocompromised or have family members in fragile health, we would appreciate it if you would please wear a mask.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why can’t I just come in the lobby when I arrive, like I used to?
A: As much as we’d like to announce that it’s time to return to “business as usual,” the truth is that our business isn’t the same as it was before the pandemic. Here’s why:
After the pandemic was declared in 2020, about 12.6 million American households added a pet to their families! Veterinary practices across the nation experienced a surge in patients. We have added additional team members to keep up with the demand, but we still only have three exam rooms and a small lobby that gets full very quickly. By seeing a mix of face-to-face and drop–off appointments, we’re able to see your pet sooner, which is especially important when they aren’t feeling well. It’s also helpful to deliver medications and prescription diets curbside so that we have plenty of room in our lobby for clients who are checking in and out.
We think the pandemic has taught us all some valuable lessons. One lesson that it has taught us is that having a Golden Retriever, a Maltese, a geriatric cat, five adults, and two toddlers all in our lobby at the same time makes for a stressful experience! That example may sound extreme, but most “pre-pandemic” clients will remember that our small lobby gets crowded often, especially when people are also picking up medications and prescription diets. It can be very stressful for our patients to come nose-to-nose with another animal (and it’s stressful for their people, too) and a scary or exciting interaction in the lobby can set the tone for the entire visit. We pride ourselves on using Fear Free practices, so it’s important to reduce the number of people and animals in the lobby moving forward, not just for social distancing, but also for the well-being of our patients.
Q: Why is the hanging partition still in the lobby?
A: Other than the obvious reason that businesses are still using partitions (germs), we’ve kept ours in place because it protects the workspace of our client care team members. We have added additional team members over the last two years and now have workspaces for two people at the front desk. The extra space where clients used to place their pet carriers, purses, keys, sodas, etc., is now someone’s desk.
Q: I’m immunocompromised and have to be exceptionally careful about COVID-19. Can I still have a completely contactless appointment?
A: Absolutely. Please communicate that to us and we will make sure our team members serve you curbside while wearing appropriate PPE and maintaining distance.