Name: Julie

Position: Practice Manager

Superpower: Julie’s superpower is her ability to bring the team together for growth and training opportunities without letting us forget the value that each of us bring!

Name: Sarah

Position: Patient Care Team Leader

Superpower: Sarah’s easygoing presence mixed with her nursing expertise makes her an all-around superhero.

Name: Vanessa

Position: Head of Quality Care & Compliance

Superpower: Vanessa’s superpower is knowledge embodiment. She can answer just about any question you have regarding the clinic and appropriate procedures. She also tries to make sure everyone’s day is just a little brighter by keeping the candy jar stacked.

Name: Melody

Position: Veterinary Nurse

Superpower: Melody’s superpower is her caring and soothing aura that flows throughout the clinic.

Name: Tori

Position: Senior Client Care Representative

Superpower: Tori’s been gifted with the ability to multi-task, something not many people can do without any mistakes. She rarely drops the ball and is always willing to step in to make the lives of our clients (and, in turn, our patients) lives simpler.

Name: Destiny

Position: Animal Care Assistant

Superpower: Destiny’s superpower is speed! She’s able to get patients in and out of their appointments without anyone else ever knowing they were there.

Name: Jose

Position: Veterinary Nurse

Superpower: Jose’s superpower is his ability to charm clients. He has a fan club at this point! He has a warm presence about him that can make anyone feel comfortable.

Name: Amanda

Position: Human Resources Administrator

Superpower: Amanda’s greatest superpower is her ability to act as a confidant to all who seek her guidance and support.

Name: Christie

Position: Client Care Representative/Reproductive Medicine Coordinator

Superpower: Christie’s superpower is her speed! Fast as light, Christie can zip around the clinic answering questions, fielding phone calls, and making the best pot of coffee!

Name: LeAnn

Position: Animal Care Assistant

Superpower: With a calm and thoughtful presence, LeAnn’s superpower is providing loving comfort and excellent care for your pet.