Boarding Consent Form

  • I understand my pet must be current on vaccinations to board. If proof of vaccinations is not on file in our medical records OR presented at the time of boarding, the vaccinations will be given, and I will be charged for these services. Requirements for dogs: DA2PP (Distemper/Parvovirus), Bordetella, + Rabies. Requirements for cats: FVRCP + Rabies. INITIAL BELOW.
  • To prevent the spread of external parasites, I understand that it is Creekside Animal Clinic, PA’s policy to treat animals with visible signs of fleas and ticks. I understand that if my pet has visible signs of fleas and ticks, a dose of Capstar AND Simparica (dogs) or Revolution/Frontline (cats) will be administered at my expense. INITIAL BELOW.
  • If my pet becomes ill or an emergency arises, I authorize Creekside Animal Clinic to perform the diagnostics and treatment medically necessary for the health and comfort of my pet during boarding. If the charges for these services exceed $50.00, every attempt will be made to contact me. However, services will NOT be withheld if I am unreachable. I will be financially responsible for the services rendered. I also understand that Creekside Animal Clinic is not staffed 24 hours per day. If my pet becomes severely ill and requires 24 hr care, then he or she will be transferred to Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital (TVRH) in Durham, NC. Every attempt will be made to contact me prior to transferring my pet. I will be financially responsible for the services rendered at TVRH. INITIAL BELOW.
  • Please perform the following procedures/services while my pet is boarding. Charges for these services will be added to the boarding fees.
  • Please list any medications and/or preventative(s) your pet will need while boarding. List dosage, times per day, and whether or not you brought the medicine.
  • Boarding animals are on a twice daily (AM/PM) feeding schedule and are fed high quality dry foods (Royal Canin GI Diets for cats and dogs). If you have brought your own food and/or request a different feeding schedule, please list below.
  • Any concerns or special considerations?
  • How can we reach you while your pet is boarding?